IPS (Indoor Positioning Service)

RETAILTECH, which was the first in the world to develop a commercial flow analysis system for customers using a shopping cart in a large mart
We have accumulated more than 15 years of know-how in the indoor position service (IPS)

  • Indoor Positioning Service

    IPS introduction

    IPS refers to a system that measures the location of a moving object existing indoors and applies it to various businesses based on this.
    In order to determine the exact location, we are using a technology that comprehensively locates several types of radio signals and maps a digital map
    composed of pre-collected signals. By using radio waves, magnetic fields, and information from various sensors around it, the location of objects or people in the building
    is identified and utilized as the minimum error range. Retailtech's indoor positioning technology with high accuracy can be applied and
    used in various fields related to IoT such as distribution/logistics/healthcare/production facilities.


  • Retail Store

    By counting the number of customers entering the store, grasping the visitor and re-visit rate, analyzing the customer's shopping flow line, and analyzing data such as in-store congestion degree analysis / main congestion area / average residence time Based on that, we can configure the most efficient store layout. You can also analyze the queues of POS and fitting rooms to put the right people in the right places.

  • Distributor

    If the theme park also applies indoor positioning technology, it can operate much more efficiently and safely. You can check the total number of visitors to the theme park by time of day and easily check the return visit rate. In addition, it analyzes the movement lines of customers, grasps and captures popular attractions, analyzes queues of souvenir shops/restaurants, and enables optimal personnel adjustment. In a theme park where safety is the highest priority, you can set up and manage restricted areas and use behavioral algorithms to understand customer emergency situations and operate a safe theme park

  • industry

    By grasping the worker's flow line pattern/residence time, etc., more efficient production can be performed.By combining the AI algorithm, the worker who is judged to be in an emergency state can be grasped and the position tracking can be performed. A quick construction is possible. In addition, the position of each container or pallet can be tracked to improve productivity.

  • Additional applicable fields

    IPS can be used in a wide variety of industries that require
    location-based customer marketing or require productivity and
    risk control of large personnel.
    (Education / Hospital / Airport / Shipbuilding / Construction, etc.)

IPS technology implementation record

  • World's first RFID cart development
    Shopping pattern analysis Customized information provision

    In 2005, developed the first RFID-based motion analysis system for customer shopping behavior analysis. From the moment the customer grabs the cart, collects and stores all shopping information in real time, such as the customer's location and movement, the time the customer stays at each corner, and the waiting time at the checkout counter. We introduced a location-based customer marketing solution that provides location guidance.

  • KAIST university u-library,
    Smart Book Truck

    A “smart book truck” which is a cart carrying a book with a display will indicate the location and path where the book should be placed, allowing the library administrator to place the book in the correct position and put an electronic tag. Utilize to check the return of books and security etc. A new paradigm u-library system.

  • Korea, Czek International Joint Research and Development Smart Store location and flow analysis

    Smart Store uses customer's location information collected using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Beacon installed in department stores and large marts to grasp customer's shopping flow line and analyze congestion level by store area This is a Solution that can provide product in-store placement and Promotion Insight for efficient customer shopping.

  • 2019 Busan LCT shopping mall indoor navigation establishment

    At a shopping mall in a large complex building with more than 100 floors, it does not only search the store and product information, discount information and convenience facilities that customers want to find, and provides an optimal route in real time but also built a service as a customer-oriented app that supports notifications and evacuation guidance in case of emergency.

Main case studies and research activities
IoT based intelligent Store (han-Czech International Joint R&D)
Customer behavior analysis platform technology seminar (IoT-based intelligent store)
Development of mobile-based integrated platform service model for agricultural, fish and livestock trading in virtual space
Development of cold chain pedigree system for quality assurance for safe distribution of agricultural products
Development of intelligent retail store management system for advanced customer service
Construction of RFID-based distribution/distribution system (u-innovation network business
Intelligent customer service and picking system using RFID and USN technology
Developed RFID-based store management and customer management solution using u-Key
RFID-based group personnel confirmation and management system development
Development of RFID-based ubiquitous distribution system and product tracking control system
Research of future stores and customer management based on customer flow analysis platform
RFID location tracking engine and intelligent learning agent development
A copper wire analysis system (RF Cart System) for analyzing RFID-based customer shopping behavior