Greeting from the CEO

“ Nice to meet you. This is James Ahn, CEO of RETAILTECH. ”

40 years have passed since taking the first step in society as a POS developer. Looking at the 50-year history of Korean distribution, I feel a lot of technological and social changes. Retail Tech, founded with the goal of becoming a leader in IT technology in the Korean distribution industry, also celebrated its 18th anniversary. It has been recognized as a company that maintains stable quality, delivery time, and technical friendship based on accumulated experience while carrying out over 600 projects with domestic and foreign customers for the past 18 years.

In particular, we have developed and disseminated many new technology projects and solutions that are first attempted at home and abroad, always considering the creation of customer value as our top priority in service. For this reason, it has gained a good reputation in technology and experience in keywords such as new distribution technology / IOT / history management / flow analysis / smart space configuration / indoor location-based service / DID. Based on this, the network business, which started in 2015, provides differentiated services by integrating wired and wireless network equipment with global competitiveness and accumulated IOT technology.

Currently, it has performed well in all industries, including distribution, education, finance, hospitals, hotels, universities, and the public. As a result, it has contributed greatly to building the nation's third-largest market share and brand power within a few years, and is currently playing a role as a Korean distributor for Ruckus Wireless. I believe that the biggest culture that RetailTech pursues is human resource development, correct values, continuous technical research and challenge, and a passion for moving toward an original vision without snooping. We will do our best as a specialized company that humbly and sincerely supports customers' visions based on new technology and knowledge.