Current status of self-developed patents

Through various projects, we have original development technology and many patents of these.

international patent
Shopping Pattern Analysis System and Method Based on RF (PCTKR2005002766: 2006 3 PCT application, 2006 8 US application, January 2007, Japan/China application)
Domestic patent
Targeted content provision system for sensor networks (patent registration 10-0903564-0000)
Book relocation system and method using ubiquitous technology (Patent registration 10-1069040-0000)
Ubiquitous book management system (patent registration 10-1009093-0000)
Intelligent content management system and method for remote control of multilingual content (patent registration: 10-1218946-0000)
Copper wire analysis system and method integrating RFID technology and image technology (Patent registration 10-1178687-0000)
Cradle (patent registration 10-1240356-0000)