IoT Solution

RETAILTECH owns many IoT solutions such as new Retail IT technology / RFID / history management / copper wire analysis / Internet of things
based on the technology developed in-house through continuous R & D activities, Recently, we have been promoting joint R&D in South Korea and Czech Republic to
expand our business areas internationally, such as future store management and custom healthcare.

  • Integrated solution specialized in general Retail IT

    (Smart Cold Chain Management)

    SCCM Smart Cold Chain Management) is a low-temperature Retail IT system that maintains the low temperature of the products
    in the production area to the end consumers and does not reduce the freshness. RETAILTECH's SCCM combines the conventional
    cold chain sensing function to enable water temperature / CO2 / temperature/humidity control in the production area.

  • Electronic shelf label

    (Electronic Shelf Label)

    The electronic price display system is a two-way communication system that has been mainly used as a device to change the price up to now,
    assuming the future IoT integrated management system. It is composed of a system that can monitor and control HQ and operate

  • For Smart Store

    Position and flow line analysis

    Smart Store uses customer location information that it collects using Wi-Fi, Geomagnetic or Bluetooth Beacon installed in shopping mall or
    large marts By grasping the customer's shopping flow line and executing congestion level analysis by store area, It is a solution that can provide Promotion Insight,
    arrangement in a product store for efficient shopping by customers. In particular, RetailTech's solution provides the best location-based service
    by minimizing the error rate through complex positioning and digital map mapping.

  • Pre-order using a smartphone

    Smart Ordering

    Smart Ordering solutions are smartphones at retail stores, Beacon is a service that integrates CRM (Customer Management System),
    Pre-ordering using Smart Phone is characterized by recognizing customer visits and automatically automating the full order process such as payment and point service.