Retail IT Solution

RETAILTECH is leading Retail IT industry with various new technologies such as ESL, POP, CMS, DID, and RFID.
New Retail IT of future that is already near us. That's exactly what RETAILTECH has to offer.

  • Integrated solution specialized in general Retail IT

    SRS (Smart Retail Solution)

    Efficient business execution and additional services through supply chain management (SCM), product ordering/purchasing
    and real-time inventory management, point-of-sale (POS) membership management, Warehouse management (WMS),
    etc. through partner companies It is an integrated solution that specializes in total Retail IT that supports

  • Online package based on the latest technology suitable for distribution field

    SRO (Smart Retail Online)

    SRO consists of 5 modules : POS / Management System / Online mall / Mobile App / Coupon, It can be flexibly integrated with the SSR and external systems and configured to suit your business environment.

  • Integrated management of delivery processes linked with ERP

    Delivery management system

    Delivery management system is a system for effectively processing the shipment of orders from the distribution center. You can use the ERP order history to set up and manage the processes from picking to distribution, dispatch and delivery.

  • Powerful design tools and printing capabilities

    POP printout system

    POPLUS is a retail-accepted solution to make it easier to design and automatically printout the POP
    advertisements and Price Tags. It provides a powerful design tool, enables real-time sharing of design files
    among multiple stores, and provides a simple interface output function using Excel files.

  • Digital Contents integrated management system


    CMS (Contents Management System) manages the provision of digital information using a general monitor/TV
    for the modern life where digital information is generalized. It is a solution that allows you to manage Total digital information
    for digital display up to kiosk system using Touch Screen. By providing the Total function for managing the authoring and Retail IT of digital information,
    we are providing customers with easy registration, management, and operation of content.