Major project cases

We have accumulated a lot of know-how and technological capabilities in the field of retail/logistics/transportation IT
for many years by experience of more than 500 kinds of large projects. We always give top priority to improving
the value of our customer service, and promise a successful project completion that strengthens our customers' competitiveness.

  • Automatic ambassador and accounting settlement module development

    ebay back office settlement processing automation system

    We are building an automated accounting system to ensure the reliability of customer accounting data and enhance settlement processing.
    In particular, we provide a large amount of data interface/aggregation, sales city finance star ambassador, ambassador monitoring technology,
    and are in charge of the development of automatic ambassador and accounting settlement module, which are the important concerns of customers.

  • Professional and efficient custom construction

    Department store business system

    “S” department store Corporation business system development project for 7.5 months (stabilization 1.5 months),
    With complete business management, we successfully built the entire project within deadline, including system stabilization.

  • Store management

    Store operation management system

    Data interface development and operation for products, events, and ordering for efficient store management

  • Introduce large scales of Big data management technology

    Franchise store settlement management system

    We designed a Legacy system and its linkage with the financial management ERP system.
    As the Legacy system, we developed purchase settlement management, convenience store settlement management, and
    rebate settlement management systems.In particular, we have provided a large amount of interface technology and big data management technology,
    and we have various financial management know-how according to customer's classification of their stores.

  • Providing efficient reports that can reflect customer needs

    Customer integrated system

    By collecting sales information from customers and applying Data Mining, we provided a report based
    on useful data for analyzing sales by store and product category, and provided an efficient report that
    can reflect customer requirements and make decisions. In addition, each Legacy that uses customer information provided a common API
    that can be viewed and modified using the customer integration system, and efficient design and construction using the Couch base technology was carried out.

  • Calculate immediately with the smartphone in the store and deliver it to the house

    Mobile Shopping

    BARRO-Calculation Shopping(Mobile Shopping) is a solution for personal shopping at retail stores. As a smartphone, customers
    can recognize the NFC or screen/paper QR codes and bar codes embedded in the ESL to make purchases and ship them to home after payment.
    The system allows customers to leave without waiting in line at the store counter and avoid carrying heavy luggage.

  • Big Data Analytics Service

    Taxi operation analysis system

    The taxi operation analysis system is based on the payment information extracted from the taxi meter information,
    aiming at a taxi full control system. A system for managing and analyzing information about taxi income

  • Sales management system for next-generation agricultural products

    Local food sales management system

    It is a next-generation agricultural product sales management system that combines RFID/USN technology
    with agricultural product sales management system in rural areas. By applying the latest sales management
    techniques to the grocery sales management system, the system is designed to improve the existing system efficiently and eventually to promote local food.

  • To strengthen the competitiveness of small stores

    Small store owner's joint purchase system

    It was developed to enhance the competitiveness of NADEUL stores(Korea Small Store brand), which are the largest number of stores in the country,
    and ensure product price competitiveness and product diversity through joint purchase, automatic quantity, and ordering of NADEUL stores.
    Try to revitalize the economy. Our shop owners have been able to participate in joint purchases using smartphones,
    which is the main feature that enables us to achieve high-speed business processing and reduce costs and time.



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