IPS Indoor Positioning Service

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RETAILTECH opens up the future of smart IT in the Retail  industry

With constant passion and technology, we are flying to the gobal market.

Developed over 500big projects

Our top priority is our customer and we promise success in projects that enhance customer’s competitiveness

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Retail IT solutions based on the 4th Industrial Revolution technology

RETAILTECH, which showed off various Retail IT technologies such as CMS, DID, ESL, and RFID,Smart Store that enables
future-type store management centered on Value Such as Smart Cold Chain (SCCM), Smart Ordering We will
guide new Retail IT again with IT solutions based IoT.

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The best total wireless network solution
to stay ahead of your competitors

Ruckus Networks, the No. 1 market share in global hotels,
airports, stadiums, retail and logistics markets. RetailTech, a retail ICT company, provides
the best network services in Korean retail/logistics/financial/education.

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